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Southern Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

Thank you for your patience during our progress! This week's meal is an OTW favorite and the ultimate in comfort food.

The pasta in this dish is prepared in the chicken broth that was used in the slow-cooking of the chicken. It is one of the many reasons OTW customers can’t get enough of this SOUTHERN CHICKEN SPAGHETTI! Also, the luscious chicken broth pasta water is used in the mixture of the casserole. It’s simply “divine” as one OTW customer said!

This casserole is a delicious mixture of sautéed bell pepper, onion, and celery in a creamy mushroom sauce with spaghetti and cheddar cheese. You can also order a side of WHOLE GREEN BEANS, and dinner is done! The beans are sautéed in a creamy butter sauce and sprinkled with crispy crumbly bacon.

Orders must be placed by 3:00 pm on Wednesday for pickup on Thursday from 9-5 at 1829 Fairlee Court. Venmo: Jill-Bryan-4 or PayPal/jillbryan4

Chicken Spaghetti - $30

Green Beans - $10

To reserve your order, click here.

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