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Sausage, Chicken, & Shrimp Gumbo

Cooler temperatures this week call for gumbo...SAUSAGE, CHICKEN, & SHRIMP GUMBO! Made with andouille sausage, gulf shrimp, and slow-roasted seasoned chicken, this gumbo recipe is my absolute favorite! Serve it over white rice with a side of bread or crumble some crackers right on top, and dinner is done!

The base of the gumbo is made with a homemade roux, which takes about 25 minutes to develop into a chocolate-colored base. Combine the roux with celery, bell pepper, and onion, and you have the perfect start to this delicious gumbo!

Gumbo is offered in two sizes: $15/pint or $30/quart. Pickup is this Thursday from 9-5. Place order by clicking here!

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