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Pasta Caesar Salad with Fried Chicken

Back by popular demand! I have received several texts and emails to repeat this meal.

Place your order for Thursday’s meal... PASTA CAESAR SALAD with FRIED CHICKEN. The fried chicken is my mother’s recipe and one of my all-time favorites! Not too greasy and just the right amount of spice! These entrées feed 2-4 people, depending on how hungry you are! Pair with some crispy garlic bread and dinner is done! You can order via website, email me at, or text me at 799-8646 to reserve your order! Pick up on Thursday from 9-5 at 1829 Fairlee Court. Venmo: Jill-Bryan-4 or PayPal: jillbryan4. Pasta Caesar Salad with Fried Chicken - $25

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