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Pork Medallions in Creamy Marsala Sauce with Sautéed Green Beans

This week's meal is Pork Medallions in Creamy Marsala Sauce. It's definitely a crowd-pleaser—and let's be honest—I could drink the sauce. Ha! The sauce really is the star of the show in this dish. Made with a rich beef broth, caramelized Vidalia onions for that hint of sweetness, cremini mushrooms for an earthy taste, Marsala wine for a nutty flavor, and a touch of cream for the silky texture. This sauce leaves no taste bud behind!

The pork tenderloin is marinated and roasted, sliced into medallions, which are then served over a bed of wild rice, and smothered in the creamy Vidalia cremini Marsala sauce! One of OTW's favorite customers and neighbors, Mrs. Sasser said, "That was the best dinner ever!" Others have commented, "Pork Marsala...DELISH!"

Add an OTW signature side of Green Beans and dinner is done! The whole green beans are sautéed in butter with salt, pepper, and crispy crumbled bacon!

9" Pork Medallions in Creamy Marsala Sauce - $38

7" Pork Medallions in Creamy Marsala Sauce - $28

Sautéed Green Beans - $10

Place order by clicking here, or text 799-8646.

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